Seven things to consider before looking for a donor to be a single mother

02 Mar · Sperm donation


Looking for a sperm donor to be a single mother is not the same as shopping for shoes. We are talking about one of the most crucial steps before bringing somebody into this world, so you should search very carefully and consider many factors. 

You must consider that the future child will inherit part of the character, personality, physique, and genes of the sperm donor. Therefore, searching for the right donor is not something that should be taken lightly. 

If you are considering becoming a single mother with the help of a donor, we recommend that you consider this list of seven things to consider when looking for a sperm donor through Copaping.


The personality of the sperm donor

When you look for a donor through Copaping instead of a sperm bank, you have the great advantage of being able to meet him in person. You will be able to speak with the donor through our platform and ask him anything from the beginning.

Keep in mind that, in many countries, sperm bank donors are anonymous, or there are many limitations regarding the contact you can have with them or information you can obtain about them. On the other hand, if you decide to search for a donor through Copaping, you will not get pregnant from an anonymous person. 

Take this opportunity to choose a person who has an agreeable personality and with whom you feel that there is a certain affinity. You can see information about their interests and also information about their physical appearance in the donor profiles, which will help you find potential donors for your process. Get in touch with them and ask them anything you want. 

His health  

Another vital factor is the donor's health. Some diseases can be transmitted to the offspring, and this should be a factor to review and take into account, both for the person who comes forward as a donor and for you as the woman receiving this donation. 

Therefore, before starting any process, both of you must undergo the relevant medical tests and have a sincere conversation where all health-related issues that concern you are addressed. For example, you can share your medical and family history to identify possible genetic diseases that can be transmitted. If in doubt, it is best to consult a specialist doctor.


The donor's physique

Although children are not always a cloned version of their parents, they do tend to inherit many of their traits. Therefore, you will have to take into account the physical appearance of the donor.

Sperm banks allow you to choose the donor's physical attributes (such as height, skin tone, hair color, and eye color). However, you will not be able to view any photos for privacy reasons. 

This will not be a problem when looking for a donor in Copaping, where there will be no secrets, and you can choose a person with physical features that fit your preferences. You will have a wide selection of filters for this in the "Co-search" section. Check it out and play with the filters! As the Copaping Community grows, more results will be available. Come back in a few days and search again to identify new profiles that suit your taste.

Where does the donor live?

Depending on the degree of contact (if any) that you want to maintain with the donor throughout the process, you will have to consider where he lives and if he is close enough to carry out the entire process. In addition, you should consider the proximity to the fertility clinic if you are using one.

His level of education


The donor's level of education is another factor to be taken into account. You may also want to know what he has studied, what he does, and what his financial situation is. 

Donor expectations

Before starting any process, it is essential to know the expectations of the sperm donor. Is it an altruistic donation without any involvement, or would he like to be part of the child's life? It goes without saying that all donations through Copaping must be altruistic and economic exchanges are not allowed through our platform. 

Find a person who wants the same things as you and make everything very clear from the beginning to avoid possible misunderstandings or conflicts in the future. Talking and clarifying all these points will be essential. The clearer you state what you are looking for in your profile, the more options you will have to find that like-minded person to start your journey to motherhood with. 

The regulations on gamete donation in your country or region


We are not legal experts at Copaping; however, we strongly recommend that you know the regulations regarding gamete donation in your country and that you speak with a legal expert on the subject before starting any process.

We know that it is not easy to find a sperm donor that matches everything you have in mind, but we hope that you will have an idea of where to start considering these factors.

Choosing a donor is something you should take very seriously. However, we should keep in mind that genetics has its surprises and magic! Regardless of the person that you have selected, in the end, your son or daughter will be a delightful surprise with a unique personality and appearance. Do you think they will get your grandmother's eyes and the donor's father's hair?

Furthermore, what is the most important thing when choosing a sperm donor for you? We would love to hear from you.