Diversidad familiar - Comunidad de coparentalidad

About us

COPAPING is the Community of people who want to create a family through co-parenting and strongly believe in family diversity.

No label is required. This is for heterosexual and LGBTIQA+ people across the gender spectrum who want to make a dream come true. Being a mother or a father, creating a family or helping to create one. Is it your big dream? Does it resonate with you?

We are more than just a website

We are a Community of people who have had children in non-traditional ways. Because we know how difficult it is for many people to have a child, we decided to create this platform in favor of co-parenting. Now anyone can create their family and become co-parents, with whichever technique they wish, from artificial insemination at home, in vitro fertilization, or surrogacy.

We go beyond normative structures based on the idea that to create a family you must have a stable partner. There are new ways. Love is what makes a family.

Co-parenting options are very diverse. So are each country's laws regarding family creation. We, therefore, recommend that you find out how the law works in your region. You will see that every country is unique.

Más que una web

Such an important project deserves to be well conceived. Pun intended. To protect the rights of co-parents and future babies, and avoid possible conflicts down the road, at Copaping we advocate for responsible co-parenting by planning carefully and legally protecting every step.

We therefore recommend that you plan each step carefully and always seek legal advice.