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  • Will I need a fertility clinic for co-parenting?

    There are different assisted reproduction techniques if you wish to become parents through co-parenting. In an assisted reproduction clinic they can give you a lot of help and information about the whole process. Don't hesitate to contact a clinic near you or one you trust so that they can advise you according to your particular situation. There is also the possibility of carrying out the process by at-home insemination. Don't hesitate to ask about this option if you prefer to do it all in the privacy of your own home.

  • The LGBTIQA+ Community and co-parenting

    Co-parenting has grown with the new families that have become much more visible since the end of the 20th century. Many of the first co-parenting families were formed by lesbian couples arranging with gay friends or a gay partner, or gay guys arranging with a friend who wanted to become a mother and did not have a partner. We think that co-parenting is a dynamic and at the same time very thoughtful and structured way of having children that opens doors for the LGBTIQA+ community and anyone who needs the help of another person to start a family.

  • What is at-home artificial insemination?

    At-home artificial insemination is a process of self-insemination in which the transgender woman or man injects semen into the vagina with the help of an at-home insemination kit. This kit consists of a syringe, vinyl gloves, a sample bottle to deposit the ejaculated semen and physiological saline solution. It can be purchased at any pharmacy or online.

    It is a simple process that does not require medical assistance or anaesthesia and usually has the same pregnancy rate as unprotected intercourse.

    It is an insemination option for those who prefer to do it in the privacy of their own home. However, it should be noted that the chances of pregnancy are higher when artificial insemination is performed in an assisted reproduction clinic.'

  • What kind of relationship are we expected to have during the process, once we become parents and after that?

    Before the co-parenting plan is agreed upon, the intended parents should review and agree on the degree of involvement they will have throughout the process and the child's upbringing. There are times when the sperm donor wants to meet the child without any family commitment, and other times when he decides to take on the full role and responsibilities of a parent. It is very important to clarify the expectations of each party before starting the reproductive process and that there is no doubt as to whether it is a sperm donation without commitment or a co-parenting project with shared responsibilities. Anyway, it is expected that the relationship between the co-parents will always be cordial and respectful and that they have the best intentions for the child. To avoid future parenting disputes, it is advisable to file a "co-parenting plan" with a judge defining the roles of each party. We recommend that you consult your particular situation with a family law expert before initiating the co-parenting process.

  • What things will we need to agree on?

    This will always depend on the type of agreement and the degree of involvement that all parties decide to take on but, in general, in a co-parenting agreement there are always quite a few things that all parties involved need to agree on. For example: 

    The type of diet of the mother during pregnancy 

    The type of delivery or clinic 

    The child's education in one school or another 

    Residence in a particular municipality 

    Visits by the other parent or the amount of time each parent spends with the child 

    Visits by grandparents 

    Living expenses 

    In short, anything that affects the health, welfare and upbringing of the child.

  • Responsible co-parenting: co-parenting plan, specialised lawyer, list of countries.

    It goes without saying that a co-parenting project is probably one of the most important things you will ever do. Therefore, it is essential that you always have the support and advice of medical specialists and family law experts in your region. Before starting the process, all parties should have medical tests to ensure the health of both mother and baby. A good idea to avoid possible future disputes between co-parents is to draw up a "co-parenting plan" that defines in detail the roles of each party and present it to a judge before any proceedings begin.

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How does Copaping work?

  • How can I keep up to date with promotions and discounts?

    To keep up to date with our promotions, discounts and news, don't forget to subscribe to our notifications (Profile > My account > Notifications) and follow us on our social networks.

  • How do I find co-mommies or co-daddies on your website?

    Finding like-minded people is very easy. Just log in to your Copaping account, go to "Search" and select the characteristics of the type of people you are looking for. It is important that you clearly indicate in your description what kind of arrangement you are looking for through our platform (co-parenting, anonymous sperm donation, etc.).

  • Will I be able to communicate with other people interested in co-parenting?

    Of course. To do so, log in to your Copaping account and you will see that there is a messaging system through which you can get in touch with the co-parents of your choice. In the profile of the different co-parents on our website, you will see an icon through which you can send a private message to that person. To be able to send private messages, you need to have an active subscription to Copaping.

  • I want to turn to a surrogacy procedure, can I do it on Copaping?

    Copaping is a platform where users get in touch with each other to become parents through different systems and techniques. Through Copaping you will not be able to look for a surrogate mother to carry out a surrogacy procedure. What you can do is to get in contact with another person who also wants to become a parent through this system to study the different options and see where it would be possible to do it. If you are looking for a surrogacy process, we advise you to write it clearly in your profile so that other interested people can contact you.

  • Is it a good option for a single mother-to-be by choice?

    At Copaping you can decide to become a mother through co-parenting or, if you prefer, find a sperm donor to become a single mother and start a single parent family. You can define the type of co-parenting you want and the type of involvement you want the other person to have. If you prefer that the other person has no connection with the child and you want to form a single-parent family, you can also find free and altruistic sperm donations on Copaping. You will be able to meet the donor and also maintain open contact if this is an important factor for you and you both agree. Check the legal situation in your country and talk to a legal expert to make sure you can do this with peace of mind.

  • What is Copaping?

    Copaping is a co-parenting platform that makes it possible for different people to get in touch with each other to realise their dream of becoming parents. It is a diverse and inclusive platform, where the LGBTIQA+ community is more than welcome. Copaping is not a sperm bank, nor does it have any links with artificial insemination medical centers. We do not offer legal advice, but we strongly recommend that you seek out a legal expert specialising in families and draw up a co-parenting plan as soon as you agree to start your parenting project.

  • How do I subscribe to Copaping?

    If you want to subscribe to Copaping, simply go to our home page and click on the link at the top where it says "Subscribe." You can also register directly through this link.

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  • How do I manage the notifications I receive?

    How do I manage the notifications I receive? You can manage your Copaping notifications in the notification settings. To do this, log in to your Copaping account and go to Profile > My account > Notifications. From there you can turn on or off the notifications you want to receive from Copaping.

About sperm donation

  • Will I be able to choose the type of relationship I want with the sperm donor?

    At Copaping you can find sperm donors. Don't hesitate to talk to them to find out what their expectations are as well as explain what yours are. Make sure you write clearly in your profile what kind of co-parenting or sperm donation arrangement you would like to find if it is something you are already very clear about. We also recommend that you seek legal advice on how far this type of relationship should be defined before you start any process in the region where you live.

  • Will I be able to choose the type of relationship I want after I donate my sperm?

    As a sperm donor it is very important that in your description you explain what kind of relationship you want to have with your future baby, if any. It is very important to make your expectations known and be aware of the other person's expectations before starting any kind of process.

  • Responsible sperm donation

    In the case of Copaping finding a non-co-parenting sperm donation, it is important to define the terms and that all parties agree that the sperm donor will not assume the role of parent. The type of relationship, if any, that the donor will have with the child must be established. On the other hand, it is essential and the responsibility of the donor and the recipient to inform their family doctor of the situation and to have all the relevant tests carried out. Before starting the process, we recommend talking to a fertility clinic and a legal expert to assess the situation of this type of donation in your region.

  • Are there sperm donors on Copaping?

    Copaping is a platform where sperm donations are also offered. If you have decided to become a single mother, you can search on Copaping for sperm donors according to the profile you are interested in and the type of involvement you prefer. It is important to remember that sperm donations agreed through Copaping must be free of charge and that under no circumstances is it allowed to sell sperm, eggs or any other practice in exchange for money through our website.