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Co-parenting arises from the genuine desire, often impossible to mitigate, to be a mother or father. It begins when at least two people agree to have a baby, whether or not they are in a relationship.

This alternative to the classic family model can become a reality in various configurations:

  • A couple of women and a man. In this configuration, one of the women may decide to gestate.
  • A woman and a man.
  • Two women and two men.
  • Two men.
  • Two women.
  • People of any gender: Transsexual women and men, non-binary people, etc.

Therefore, co-parenting can constitute heteroparenting (when the parents are of different sex), homoparenting (of the same sex), or parenting involving a variety of genders. Yes, anything goes. Finally.

I've already found a like-minded person. Now what?

From the outset, we recommend that you discuss the subject in depth to determine whether you have common interests, compatible parenting criteria, if you intend to live in close proximity, if you expect a residence change, etc. This stage is crucial to determine whether the co-parenting project meets the conditions to move forward with a definite plan. Is everything going smoothly? Let's move to the next step!

To do this, we recommend seeking guidance from assisted reproduction medical professionals who will study each case and give you their qualified opinion as to the most appropriate method. You'll see that every situation is unique.

Secondly, it is also essential to seek legal advice to start a co-parenting family. Consult with a lawyer who knows your particular situation and the laws where you live.

Which pregnancy methods are available?

There are several different ways. You can make your dream of being a father or mother come true, or help someone to make it come true, in these ways:

  • Artificial insemination
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Home insemination
  • Gestacional surrogacy

All with or without donation of gametes (semen, eggs or both).

This is one of the first matters to consider step by step.

Important: The Co-Parenting Agreement

Before embarking on this exciting journey with confidence and clarity, we highly recommend creating a co-parenting agreement. It is a fundamental document in the co-parenting process in which the people involved agree on the way in which both parents intend to exercise their parental responsibilities:

  • How visits will be organized.
  • The extent of each parent's decision making and responsibilities.

There will be many more decisions to make than it may seem at first. You will have to consider many factors before reaching an agreement.

Advantages of creating a co-parenting plan (and why it is certainly worth it):

  • It details the commitments that each parent makes regarding the custody, care and education of their son or daughter.
  • It anticipates the resolution of possible disagreements between the parents to organize the care of the child responsibly.
  • It facilitates agreements, transparency of the parties and, fulfillment of commitments.
  • It encourages collaboration of the parties' lawyers.