I am single and I want to be a father. What are my options?

23 Feb · Co-parenting, General


Do you want to be a father, but are single at the moment? Don't worry. You're not the only one. It is increasingly common for men and women to reach a certain age without having found a stable partner with whom they can start a family. 

There can be a number of reasons; here are a few:

  • They have dedicated additional time to their professional career.
  • They've had different partners, but none of them solid enough to take this step.
  • They gave up on looking for the right person after searching for a long time. 
  • They just simply did not wish to have children as a couple for other reasons.

Whatever your case, the good news is that today it is no longer impossible to be a father if you do not have a partner. The traditional family consisting of a mother and father who are together is no longer the only possibility. In fact, in countries like Spain it already only represents around a third of family units. So, if you feel that your "paternal instinct" is here, today we present to you different co-parenting options to be a father even if you do not have or do not want a partner.

Types of co-parenting for single men 


To agree on co-parenting with a single woman or a trans man


One of the possibilities to become a father if you do not have a partner, is to reach a co-parenting agreement with a single woman or a trans man who wishes to gestate. Through Copaping you can get in touch with other single people looking for a co-father.

In this case it is important to search for people who do not just want a sperm donor but a co-parenting agreement with a person who, just like you, really wants to get involved and assume the role of a father with all the responsibilities that this entails. Will you go for it? Go ahead! 

Agree to co-parenting with a lesbian couple 


Another very interesting option is to reach a co-parenting agreement with two girls looking for a co-father who will become involved in raising their child.

Today, there's increasingly more lesbian couples who want to be mothers and are open to sharing the experience of motherhood with a man who wants to take on the role of father. The degree of the relationship and involvement must be agreed between the three of you. Can you imagine having a daughter or a son with two moms and a dad? Well, there are more and more families like this!

Agree on co-parenting with another guy to start a surrogacy process


If you are a homosexual man, another more complex but feasible option for you would be to find someone with whom you can start a surrogacy process in a place where it is regulated and where it is possible for both of you to be the legal parents.

You must keep in mind that in Copaping you will not be able to find a gestating woman to start the surrogacy process; however, it is possible to meet other people who are interested in starting this process in a country where it is legal. When you log into your account, go to the "Search" option to find the filters you need to locate like-minded people with whom you can start making your dream come true.  A dream that gets more real every day!

In short, having children as a single man was unthinkable up until recently. However, this is no longer an impediment. If you want to be a father but have not found the ideal partner to take that step, you can consider co-parenting. You can be a father in the company of another person who, even though they are not your partner, can support you in all senses (financial, emotional, etc.). 

As you know, in Copaping you can get in touch with other people that share the dream of having children. This is where your co-parenting begins.