Familiar Diversity

We're diverse

Our Commitment to
Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Copaping has a profound commitment to these three values from its core, our own existence is rooted in them and we are devoted to show them in every step on the way.

Joining Copaping means becoming part of a Community of inclusion. We strive to create an environment where nobody feels they have to hide a part of who they are, or pretend to be something they aren’t. Nobody should ever wonder whether they are being judged or excluded for being their authentic selves.

We expect from every member of the Copaping Community to be open to differences, respectful in our communications and, overall, understanding and empathic to everyone we get in contact with.

We can always disagree and still be kind to the other person. Bias, prejudice, and hatred have no place in our Community.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, relationship status, cultural background, ethnicity, race, language, socioeconomic status, education, political ideology, age, functional diversity or spiritual beliefs should be free to create their own family and have all the support to do it.

“Bias, prejudice,
and hatred
have no place
in our Community.”

The Copaping Community is inclusive of every family model, far beyond the limitations of heteronormativity, homonormativity, man/woman binarysm or two-parent family exclusive models.

More than ever we want to say it out loud:
Only Love Makes a Family.

The Three Pillars


We focus on honouring, respecting and appreciating what makes each Community member unique. Each individual brings a different set of perspectives, values, experiences and ideas, and we believe that this distinctiveness is an enhancement rather than a barrier.


Every member of Copaping reflects and embraces the diverse Community we are part of. We create inclusion by building an environment where every member of Copaping feels completely safe being who they really are without fear of judgment or differential treatment. We can only generate this secure context when every member of Copaping is accepting of others.


Belonging is a basic human emotional need, we all yearn to be welcomed, appreciated and heard by others. We expect everyone to be respectful and kind to one another in every interaction: we’re a Community. We do not always have to agree with each other but we can demonstrate thoughtfulness and cordiality, even when views, values or beliefs might not reflect our own. We may not always reciprocate interest, but we can communicate this in a tactful and considerate way. Put out the welcome mat and throw judgement away.

Only you can define your identity

The personal profile settings at Copaping have 29 options to define cultural/ethnic background and 8 to define gender identity (including the choice to select multiple options or to leave them blank). We consider the culture, ethnicity and gender of individuals to be what each person identifies with and designates on their profiles, if they wish to do so, and we expect our Community to do the same. This includes respecting the chosen pronouns ( she/her, he/him, they/them, etc.).

We can all be allies

We invite you, as part of the Copaping Community, to be an ally. This is how:

  • Check your discomfort with difference when it arises, and also the preconceptions and misconceptions that might blurry your vision of the other person.
  • Be conscious of your biases. Even though we want to be good and accepting, we all carry unconscious biases that influence our perceptions. We inevitably regard as better whatever is similar or more familiar to us. Bringing awareness to our biases it's a necessary habit.
  • Be mindful of the cultural lens through which you are expressing your views and wishes, and how this could be perceived by the other person.
  • Watch out for privilege. In many aspects of life we don't notice how difficult something is for another person because we have never experienced that challenge due to our position in society.

We’re committed to doing more

Building a Community of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is a challenge for all of us. We have to confront the issues that arise, individually and collectively, and learn to defy the status quo so it becomes a catalyst for real change.

Please share through our contact form any ideas, suggestions or feedback that could make Copaping a more inclusive Community. Also feel free to tell us what we are doing well!

As a member of Copaping you will be required to sign this Commitment:

I, as a member of the Copaping Community, agree to treat everyone with respect and without judgement, acknowledging and accepting who they are, including but not limited to, their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, relationship status, cultural background, ethnicity, race, language, socioeconomic status, education, political ideology, age, functional diversity or spiritual beliefs.

This commitment will help us maintain a Community where each of us feels comfortable being and expressing our true selves through the path of fulfilling our dream of creating a family.