Copaping Creates a Global Co-Parenting Community for People of All Genders

11 Oct ·



(Press release)

Copaping is a Barcelona-based company that has created a community-oriented co-parenting platform for people across the entire gender spectrum.

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Most people wish to start or enlarge their families, although many can’t. According to a study conducted by Family equality, “63% of LGBTQ Millennials (aged 18-35) are considering expanding their families, either becoming parents for the first time, or by having more children.”

However, there are health, financial and social constraints that might impede them achieving their wishes. 

The age of pandemic and social isolation has impacted all people around the globe both financially and psychologically. Also, growing infertility issues, demanding careers, and changes in the relationships’ models and expectations may hinder people's dreams of having children. 

Copaping, a Barcelona-based community-oriented company,  tackles both the social barriers of isolation and infertility issues through an LGTBQ- friendly way to start a family: co-parenting. 


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The brand has created a search-based platform where co-parents and donors have an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and become mothers and fathers. 

“We are a community of people who have had children in non-traditional ways. Because we know how difficult it is for many to become parents we decided to create this platform to promote  co-parenting. Now anyone can create their family and become co-parents, through whichever technique they wish:  at-home artificial insemination, IVF , or surrogacy.”

Copaping emphasizes the importance of responsible co-parenting and wishes to educate the visitors of their website about what co-parenting is, which pregnancy methods are available, and everything there is to know about the co-parenting agreement. 

The brand also states: “We go beyond gender-binary normative structures based on the idea that to create a family you must have a stable partner. There are new ways. Love is what makes a family.”

Copaping welcomes all soon-to-be mothers, fathers and non-binary parents in all their diversity. The members of the LGBTQ community  who wish to have a baby can apply for Copaping’s services and make their dreams come true. 

According to Family Equality’s LGBTQ Family Building Survey conducted in 2019, “Forty-eight percent of LGBTQ Millennials are actively planning to grow their families, compared to 55% of non-LGBTQ Millenials, a gap that has narrowed significantly in comparison to older generations.”

Copaping allows people who wish to become parents to find like-minded individuals and connect with other co-parents. 

The Copaping platform features detailed profiles, a search engine that allows you to look for specific personal and location details and an intuitive, user-friendly design that makes finding donors and co-parents simple and fast. 

The brand’s blog post is an informational treasure trove, featuring dozens of educational and informational posts regarding sperm banks, co-parenting agreements, different types of co-parenting, and much more. 

Further information about Copaping can be found on the brand’s official website.