Tips to be a great Co-parenting: The Copaping Guide

24 Jul · Co-parenting


Today, family structures are increasingly diverse and co-parenting has become an increasingly popular option. But how to be a good co-father? From Copaping, we want to offer you some practical advice that will help you excel in your role as a co-parent.

Effective communication

Communication is essential in any relationship, and co-parenting is no exception. It is essential to maintain open lines of communication with your co-parent to discuss the child's well-being, parenting decisions, and any other related issues.

Clear Agreements

From the beginning, establish clear agreements about parenting and coexistence. This can include agreements about education, the values that you want to instill, the organization of schedules and the handling of conflicts. These agreements must be reviewed and adjusted periodically.

Mutual respect

Mutual respect is essential in co-parenting. Even if you're not in a romantic relationship with your co-parent, it's important to maintain mutual respect and consideration. Remember that both of you are working together for the well-being of your child.


Flexibility is a key skill for any co-parent. There will be times when you have to adjust to new situations, make unexpected decisions, or adjust your plans. The ability to handle these changes gracefully can make co-parenting much easier.

Emotional Support

As a co-parent, one of your most important roles is to be a source of emotional support for your child. This involves being present, listening and validating her feelings, and providing reassurance and guidance when needed.

Keep Focus on the Child

Always remember that the priority in co-parenting is the well-being and happiness of the child. Always keep this goal in mind and allow it to guide your decisions and actions.

Being a good co-parent can take a bit of work and dedication, but the benefits to your child are well worth it. At Copaping, we are here to support you on your co-parenting journey and encourage you to seek advice and support when you need it.