Should I look for a co-paremt only in my own city or county?

18 Oct · Co-parenting, General


When deciding to embark on the adventure of co-parenting, one of the questions that often arises is whether to look for a co-parent in the same city or county. Geographic location can play a crucial role in the success of this form of collaborative parenting, and it is important to consider several points before making a decision.

First, it is essential to define the type of relationship you are seeking to establish with the future co-parent. If the idea is to share 50% of the parenting, that is, to be actively involved in the child's upbringing in an equitable manner, living geographically close can greatly facilitate logistics. Proximity allows for smoother communication and coordination in making decisions about education, medical care, and other aspects related to the child.

On the other hand, if the intention is for one parent to only see the child for a couple of days every two weeks, geographic location is not as crucial. In this case, co-parents living in different provinces or even in different regions of the country could be considered. However, it is important to establish clear agreements on the logistics of visits and communication to ensure effective and harmonious parenting.

The choice of geographic location may also be related to personal preferences and the availability of resources. Some people may be willing to move to another city or county to establish successful co-parenting, while others may prefer to find a co-parent in their current location.

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