Co-parenting: Raise a child with 2 houses in the best way

08 Nov · Co-parenting


It is common for a child whose parents are co-parenting to live in two different houses and reside in them alternately. Don't worry, he will get used to living in two houses and in the end, both will be his home.

Give your child space in both houses

Give her the ability to personalize her room. Let him give his opinion about the appearance of the room, so that he feels comfortable and at home.

Do activities and play as a family

If you have a small child, keep those favorite toys at home that he plays with so much. Make sure he brings these toys with him when it's your turn for your child to stay with you. If their price is not very high, consider buying them so that you also have them at home. Go out to play in the afternoons and go on excursions on the weekend. Talk to him about his day, check out his homework, and play with him. Family environments will make your child feel in the space and safe from him.

Be consistent

Try to agree on some household rules with your co-parent. Children do well to stick to a routine. It is convenient that when spending time with one and then with the other parent, there are no radical changes in the way of educating him. Making a co-parenting agreement can be very helpful in this case.

Don't lose contact with your child

When your children are with their other parent, you have to agree to call once a day, either at bedtime or during the day, so you can talk to them. It is important that you agree between the co-parents when is the best time to make the call. A good option for the boy or girl is also to carry out playful activities for the 3 of you, if you have decided to share parenting.