Should I hire a midwife for the delivery?

09 Jan · General


If you are pregnant and the time of delivery is approaching, you may wonder if it is really necessary to hire a midwife for the big moment. In this Copping post, we will tell you about the factors that influence when deciding whether or not to hire a midwife (it will all depend on the individual case of the person).

Why hire a midwife? What are its advantages?

Some of the advantages of hiring a private midwife are the following:

  • Resolution of all your doubts and personalized treatment during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum (workshops, consultations and advice, accompaniment and assistance at home for transfer to the hospital, doubts about postpartum and breastfeeding...)
  • If you contract it at home, you will receive care in a warm and welcoming environment such as your home.
  • Optimal preparation for childbirth.
  • As you can see, having the services of a midwife offers important advantages for a single mother, with a partner or co-parenting.

What factors influence the price of a midwife?

In order to determine the price to pay for a private midwife at home or in a medical center, you must take into account several important factors:

  • The type of consultation or contracted service. A consultation on pregnancy or specific advice is not the same as a constant or recurring health service over time. If it is punctual, it is usually cheaper than a more durable one.
  • Midwife at home or not. The price will vary a lot if the midwife has to go to your home, or if you go to her center (cheaper).
  • Reputation of the professional or company: there are midwives or companies with specialized personnel that are in high demand since they have very good ratings or a certain recognition, which means that prices are generally higher

So is it worth hiring a midwife or not?

Although this is something very personal, and it will depend on the pregnant person, the benefits of hiring a midwife (which are many) and their price must be taken into account. We could say that it is not necessary or mandatory to hire their services, but it is true that, if it is economically viable, it is recommended.

The time of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum are usually hard times for the pregnant person, therefore, having an expert in the field can help a lot to cope better. If you wish and can afford it, look for their services in a center that offers quality advice.