Influencing the sex of the baby, is it possible?

13 Dec · General


Although the sex of the baby cannot be predetermined with 100% accuracy, there are certain techniques that could increase the chances of having a boy or a girl depending on some influential factors. Do you want to try? Here we leave you information that can help you.

What determines if your baby is a boy or a girl?

A baby's sex is determined by the chromosomes she inherits from her father. A mother's eggs always carry an X (female) chromosome, but sperm can have an X or Y (male) chromosome. When the egg is fertilized, the chromosomes combine so that if it is XY, a boy will be born, and if it is XX, a girl will be born.

Can I choose the sex?

Statistically speaking, the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl are about the same, and there is no medical evidence that this can be changed. However, you may have heard of the Shettles method. In the 1970s, Dr. Shettles discovered that male and female sperm have different characteristics. He believes that identifying these differences could help couples who want to have a boy or a girl.

When to have sex?

Everything is decided in the race towards the ovum. Shettles discovered that the male sperm cell is smaller, swims faster, and has a shorter life span than the female sperm cell. He believed that if a couple has sex close to ovulation, the male sperm is more likely to reach the egg before the female sperm. If the egg is fertilized, the couple is more likely to conceive a child. On the contrary, the female sperm is slower and more resistant and lives longer than the male. Having intercourse in the first fertile days means that they are still alive and can fertilize the egg, so there is a better chance of conceiving a girl.

Although it is a very interesting theory, there are still no studies that verify it.

Does food influence?

Cervical mucus has the most suitable qualities for sperm during ovulation, when it is most alkaline. Before ovulation, the mucus is more acidic, so it is not the best for sperm and only the most resistant can survive. Shettles suggests that if the pH of the vagina is made more acidic, the more resistant female sperm is more likely to survive and fertilize the egg with a girl. A more alkaline environment favors male sperm, making it more likely to conceive a boy. Note that there is no scientific evidence to support that this technique works.

Sexual positions

Shettles also noted that the sexual position at the time the father orgasms can increase the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl. With deep penetration, the male sperm can swim faster and begin its journey closer to the cervix, so it is more likely to reach the egg earlier and conceive a boy. When trying to have a girl, Shettles recommends avoiding deep penetration.

It's another interesting theory, but then again, there are no facts to support this idea.

Ultimately, chance will end up saying if your baby will be a boy or a girl, but you can try some of these tips to try to influence the sex of your baby.