The keys for successful co-parenting, by Copaping

22 Sep · Press releases



The wish to be a parent can be fulfilled even when it cannot be achieved in natural ways. People in this situation may choose a co-parenting agreement. This makes it possible to be a parent when you don't have a couple.

Different methods and communities are available to find the person with whom you could carry out this team effort of raising a child. Said methods and communities, such as Copaping, guide you and provide you with the key elements of successful co-parenting. 

Clarifying all the points about co-parenting is fundamental 

Co-parenting has consolidated as a new way to be a mother or a father, and it is trending in several countries. In platforms such as Copaping, these people —that, for different reasons, sought to have a child via non-traditional methods— will find a whole community to guide them in this journey and enjoy a successful co-parenting. 

Copaping's founder, David Reyes, explains that the process consists of finding someone who is compatible with your project of creating a family. For the process to be successful, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations pending on the welfare of both the co-parents and the babies that are conceived by means of this concept. 

The first thing to bear in mind is that, once an alike person has been found, all the points relating to this topic must be clarified. This means things such as exploring all common interests, establishing the way in which the child will be raised, and defining the home's location, as the project's progress will depend on these. 

The co-parenting agreement must be legally protected 

For the medical procedure, the optimal way is to look for an assisted reproduction expert. After learning the details of the case, an expert will be able to indicate the most suitable method for the person. The co-parents may involve themselves in different assisted reproduction techniques such as artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation or surrogate pregnancy. These may happen with or without egg, semen and gamete donation. 

Planning must be legally secured in order to protect the rights of the co-parents and the future babies, and so avoid possible conflicts after the process. In this period, help from a lawyer is fundamental to draw up a co-parenting agreement that is in compliance with the laws of each region. This legal document will cover everything concerning the child's raising, as well as each parent's commitments and responsibilities. 

About Copaping

Copaping was created from the wish to host a Community for people who want to start a co-parenting project. A safe space where current and future co-parents can communicate and live their experience with authenticity and responsibility, in a respectful and empathetic environment.  Every day dozens of conversations begin in Copaping between co-mothers, co-fathers and co-parents who share the desire to start a family.