Having children together without being a couple: Copaping's co-parenting is the new way to create a family

20 Aug · LGTBI, Press releases



Until a few years ago, having children was only possible in the context of a heterosexual couple, but society has evolved and so have family models. These days it's possible to be a parent, without necessarily having a partner with whom to conceive, thanks to co-parenting, something which is already being practised by both heterosexuals and members of the LGTBI community.

To create a co-parenting family, it is only necessary to find a person who haress the same desire to raise a child. In Spain there is Copaping, a website that aims to create a Co-parenting Community for future co-parents united by this wish.

All about co-parenting 

There are still people in different parts of the world who are forced to have partners of the opposite sex in order to be accepted by society, and more importantly, by their family. Fortunately, society is evolving and we can feel more and more free to live and show who we are in an authentic way and to make our emotional and sexual preferences public. Additionally, new ways of parenting, without the need to establish a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, are emerging. Enter co-parenting.

The first step in establishing co-parenting is to choose a non-spousal partner who wishes to have a child jointly, be they conceived by artificial or home insemination, in vitro fertilisation, adoption or surrogacy (where possible) as well as any other method available. Co-parenting parents should take responsibility for all the needs of their children together and, of course, maintain a cordial and stable relationship so that the child grows up in a harmonious environment.

Apps to find the ideal candidate 

People who decide to have children through co-parenting sometimes do so with people in their own circles but, in most cases, they meet their co-parent through online communities.

Currently, there are co-parenting apps that are very similar to those aimed at finding a partner, the Tinder of co-parenting, one might say. In this vein is Copaping, a Spanish website focused on creating a co-parenting community where respect for diversity in all its forms is paramount. This community was created by people who have had their children in non-traditional ways.

Co-parenting allows all kinds of relationships and bonds for raising a baby: LGTBI families, same-sex parents, people who wish to raise their children alone or with greater involvement than the other parent, etc. The only requirement is a wish to give love, care and protection to the future baby.

About Copaping

Copaping was created from the wish to host a Community for people who want to start a co-parenting project. A safe space where current and future co-parents can communicate and live their experience with authenticity and responsibility, in a respectful and empathetic environment.  Every day dozens of conversations begin in Copaping between co-mothers, co-fathers and co-parents who share the desire to start a family.