Falling in love with your co-father, is it possible?

09 Apr · Co-parenting


Co-parenting is an option for those people who want to have a child without getting involved in a romantic relationship or marriage. But is it possible to fall in love with our son's father? In this Copaping article, we'll look at possible situations and tips for handling such a situation.

Development of feelings

When a woman resorts to co-parenting, what she is looking for is not an ideal husband, but an ideal father. To find one, she draws up a list of criteria that include, among others, age, social status, character, and even lifestyle. What is also true is that she is actually looking for a man who suits her in many ways. In other words, she wants to find someone she can get along with to start co-parenting.

Additionally, she sets physical criteria, which is normal since she will be the parent of her child. The couple can therefore establish a friendship and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, a child needs to grow up in a serene environment. In addition, as a family, they often participate in joint activities.

Both of you may end up enjoying each other's company, discovering that the other is a trustworthy and caring person. In addition, it is obvious that they appreciate his physical appearance, since the two have done the same selection process from his side. Over time, friendship can become a much stronger feeling. So the fact of falling in love with the parent could be logical and possible if they share a sexual-affective orientation.

Situations that can occur

What to do if one falls in love with the parent? Several scenarios can arise.

The feeling is reciprocal

When the feeling is shared, it is up to the couple to make decisions about their future together. Different questions arise: are they ready to live in a romantic relationship or do they prefer to keep things as they are? How will they handle their new relationship?

At first glance, the answer is obvious. Why fight feelings? On the other hand, it is impossible to ignore it. But for a person who has had a painful past or a bad experience, it is not easy. Also, a child's future is at stake. The risk is enormous, however, listening to her heart is often a good solution.

The feeling is not mutual

When the feeling is not shared, the situation is delicate. They have broken the rules that were established from the beginning. What is there to do? There are two possible options and each of them involves risks.

The first is to ignore the feeling and silence it. This is not simple, especially when it is deep. Spending time with the parent could become awkward. The second option is to face the situation and be honest with yourself and with the other parent.

Whether the sentiment is shared or not, the change is likely to have an impact on the co-parenting relationship. Therefore, it is important to handle the situation well to avoid problems.

If you are looking for a co-father, it is advisable to go to trusted sites such as Copaping, where you can find people who want, above all, to start this family model for co-parenting. In short, falling in love with the co-parent is possible, but handling the situation properly is crucial for the well-being of all parties involved, especially the child.