Co-parenting or co-parenting? And you, what term do you use?

22 May · Co-parenting


What are Co-Parenting and Co-Paternity?

The words "co-parenting" and "co-parenting" may seem similar at first glance, but at Copaping we believe it's crucial to understand the difference. Both refer to the concept of sharing the parental responsibilities of a child. However, the use of one word over the other may indicate a more inclusive or restrictive view of who can and should be involved in raising a child.

Co-Parenting: An Inclusive Term

At Copaping, we prefer the term "co-parenting" because we believe it is more inclusive. Co-parenting does not distinguish gender: it implies that two or more people share the responsibilities and joy of raising a boy or girl, regardless of their gender. We are talking about 'co-parenting', an action carried out by both mothers and fathers.

Co-parenting recognizes that parenting is not an exclusive act of one gender. It also allows for the participation of individuals who do not identify with the male or female gender binary, promoting a broader understanding of what it means to be a parent.

Co-Paternity: A Limited Term?

On the other hand, the term "co-parenting" is derived from "paternal", which has a masculine connotation. To our judgement, this term might seem to refer exclusively to two men who share the paternity of a child. This could exclude mothers, people who do not identify as men, and anyone else who wants to share the responsibility of raising a child.

Balance and Respect: Co-Paternity and Co-Paternity

We believe that it is acceptable to use "co-parenting" when it is mentioned on an equal footing with "co-parenting", that is, when the participation of both men and women in child-rearing is explicitly recognized. However, we still prefer the term "co-parenting" as it is inclusive of all genders and does not presuppose any specific family structure.

The Comaping Pledge: Fostering Inclusivity

At Copaping, our goal is to support all people who want to start a family, regardless of their gender. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of being a parent, and that everyone has the right to share in the responsibility of raising a child.

Co-parenting is the cornerstone of our community. We believe this term is more inclusive and better reflects our view of what it means to be a parent. By promoting co-parenting, we hope to foster a greater understanding and acceptance of all forms of family. Because at the end of the day, what really matters is the love and commitment that each parent brings to the life of their child.