Advantages and disadvantages of co-parenting with someone we expressly know

Cuando planteamos la coparentalidad con alguien desconocido, se crean dudas e inseguridades. Hoy tratamos las ventajas e inconvenientes de apostar por esta alternativa.

31 Mar · Co-parenting



At Copaping we know perfectly well that when faced with the idea of starting a family with someone we have met expressly for co-parenting, doubts and insecurities are created. It is for this reason that we wanted to write an article like this. Today we will discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

The first thing we must consider is that anything that goes beyond the traditional prism is always more threatening, however, therein lies the first advantage and that is that considering co-parenting helps to break with the idea of romantic love and traditional family.

In addition, it is a way of giving the opportunity to create a family to a person who wants to be as involved as we are, since his desire for fatherhood/motherhood has led him to Copaping. However, it is true that we could consider an inconvenience the fact that the process of creating it will be much slower, since it requires more time to get to know each other and know if we really fit together to form co-parenthood.

Even so, since no emotional bond intervenes in the process of getting to know each other or in the coparental relationship, once already established, this will always allow us to become much clearer and more objective with what we want, our limits, our vision of education. and parenting, and all those things that we consider important to exercise maternity or paternity.

It is true that this fact can affect how disadvantageous, if we start from the basis that if there is no affective bond involved, we can find that one of the two parties puts their own interests first or is not able to empathize with the other. . For this reason it is so important to spend a good amount of time getting to know each other and make sure that you will be a team.

Lastly, carrying out co-parenting parenting also gives us more time for ourselves. Of course, it is not the most important advantage, but we cannot ignore it. In Co-parenting we have more time for ourselves.

And you, can you think of any other advantages or disadvantages? We read you!