5 reasons why co-parenting is a great way to have children

16 Feb · Co-parenting, General


If there is one decisive number in every woman's life, it is 35. This number marks a before and after, especially for women who do not have children. We all know that from that age onwards our fertility plummets and the countdown begins: tick-tock, tick-tock...  

Maybe until you were 35 you weren't even sure whether or not you wanted to have children. You were too busy trying to find your place in the world to find room for a child! 

However, at that age, the maternal instinct became stronger than logic and the alarm clock started to go off. 

So what if you are a woman approaching 40, you have decided that you want to become a mother but you still don't have a life partner who can become the father of your children? 

Luckily, there are always options. There is always the possibility of adopting or going to an artificial insemination clinic and requesting a sperm donation. 

But if you don't want to go through all this alone, there is another very interesting possibility that you may not have considered: co-parenting, a growing trend in Spain that has many advantages. Here are some of them. 

5 advantages of co-parenting 

You can choose when to be a mother

No more social pressure of being single in your thirties. True love comes when it feels like it, and if you haven't found it yet and want to be a mother, you have nothing to worry about. Cupid will shoot his arrows when he decides, but in the meantime, if you feel like it, you can bring your baby into the world.

With co-parenting you can choose when you want to be a mother, whether or not you have a partner.  

You don't depend on the stability of a partner


Let's face it. I don't want to say it doesn't exist, but nowadays, lifelong love is rare. So closing yourself off to the possibility of co-parenting because you want your child to live with both parents is almost utopian. It is possible that you have a child with your lifelong partner and soon the relationship falls apart and you end up co-parenting anyway. 

Although mutual understanding and respect between the co-parents is essential for co-parenting to succeed, the relationship will not be influenced by the usual disagreements in any couple. 

You have the full support of another person (or a gay partner)


A great advantage of co-parenting is that you have the support of another person (or even a gay partner, perhaps) to face all the challenges of motherhood.

Therefore, it is an alternative to parenthood that may not require you to devote 100% of your time, as the co-parent(s) will also take care of the child's upbringing and you can devote your time to your work, hobbies, travel...

You will be able to share the costs of child support

One of the reasons many women delay or give up motherhood is that they simply can't afford it. So if you too are a victim of job insecurity and your financial situation is not the best to cope with all the costs involved in parenthood, co-parenting may be a perfect option for you. 

Co-parents usually share the costs and responsibilities of raising and supporting the baby, so this option will always be cheaper than being a single parent.

You can choose to have a child with a beautiful person (even if you are not in love with them)

For example, maybe you can have a child with your best friend who happens to be gay and, although you are not romantically in love with each other, they are someone you adore and with whom you have an incredible connection.

I don't know about you but, although sperm donation banks are a very worthy option, the possibility of being able to choose the person you are going to have a child with, at least for me, gives me a lot of peace of mind.

When you decide to opt for co-parenting, you can agree with a person who has the same vision as you in terms of the child's upbringing, your values, your spiritual interests and so on. 

Sometimes it is not easy to agree on all these things with your partner. But you can find someone who agrees with you, even if you are not necessarily in love with that person. When you choose co-parenting, you choose a parent, not a boyfriend.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on the advantages of co-parenting and that you will consider it as a real option if you are planning to become a mother. Fortunately, the traditional family model has changed and, nowadays, having children is something that is within the reach of everyone.

Did you know the advantages of co-parenting? Can you think of any more? 

I'll read you in the comments.